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Assessment Centre Tips

Hi everyone, Georgia here, hope your summers have started off well. I decided to write a post on what to expect and tips on assessment centres when that time comes around for applications at the end of summer. Just some light reading and a smooth slide into the assessment centre process.

Arrive early.

When you arrive early you see the other applicants as they walk in making it easier to remember names, which isn’t necessary, but my help you in your group work. It also gets you familiar and comfortable with people that you’re going to be spending a fair few hours with, making the ability to bounce ideas off one another much easier and natural.


Easier said than done, like most things in life but you must remember that the employers are watching and testing you so that they can see if you’re a fit into their workplace. They need to see the possibility of you working for them so leave a good impression.

Talk enough, but not too much.

I bet you’re thinking ‘what on earth does this mean?’ well, so was I. In an assessment centre you’ll have a group activity. The key word is GROUP activity. Seeing how you work in a team shows the employer how they should expect you to work whilst at the firm. Being sure to put in initiative and pull a discussion in a direction shows an element of leadership, however asking people if they agree and if they don’t, why, is how you show that you’re a team player. If you notice someone not talking within a group, ask them what they think-they may have an insight no one’s thought of yet.

Don’t act like it’s a competition.

Again, it’s always about the impression that you leave on the employers. The people around you may be up for different job roles at different locations to you, so treating it like The Hunger Games isn’t going to get you far. Even if there is a chance you’re up against the others in your group you only need to worry about yourself. Ensure you’re being proactive within the group but value others opinions-be someone you’d like to work with.

Ask questions.

Never be afraid to speak up and ask questions about the task, sitting quietly unsure won’t get you very far. Also, at the end asking about the company, further tests, or even just general questions about people’s careers, will help your own personal knowledge in deciding careers for the future.


For some assessment centres regardless of if you’re given the place you applied to, the company will call to give you feedback on your assessment day. Don’t be upset if you didn’t get it just make sure you listen to the feedback and make notes while they’re talking to you, so you can improve for next time.

How good you are on paper is only a small proportion of who you are as a person within the working world. And employers realise this. They realise that whilst they require employees of certain skill they want to work and socialise with real people that hold similar values as they do. So being able to be a personable person, having a point of view and can bring it across to people in an educated fashion sets you above the rest. This is what they’re trying to find in an assessment centre and interview.

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