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Application Season

Hey everyone! I hope that you have all had an enjoyable summer so far. As we reach the weeks before returning to university, it is important to start to consider applications for internship and graduate positions. Some programmes have already opened and others will continue to open in the next few months. I have decided to put together a few tips that may be useful for applications.


  • Feedback I have received from attending different insight events is that students often do not tailor their applications to specific firms. The firm’s website and promotional material often have useful information. By attending company presentations and insight days, you can meet the people who work there and get a real feel for the company.

  • Including information about the recent performance of the company, awards they have won or deals they have been involved can show that you have researched the firm in detail.

  • Make sure you know which division you are interest in, and look at the skills required for that division.


  • Many firms use numerical tests, and in some cases, verbal and logical.

  • Some websites offer free online tests to practice.

  • Know about different interview techniques – strength, competency, technical.

  • Firms are increasingly using video interviews as a form of first round interview. Make sure that you are comfortable with the format.

  • Practice interviews with friends to build up confidence.

  • The careers service provides good information to take a look at.


  • Make sure that you are writing quality applications rather than applying for a vast amount.

  • Ensure that you are proofreading your CV and applications to avoid basic spelling and grammatical errors.

  • One common error is that students often reuse cover letters and do not change the company who they are applying for.

I have found the following website really useful for exploring opportunities available in both the financial and other industry's.

Deutsche Bank are sponsoring the society for the upcoming year, and we have information about their opportunities here.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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