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Free #PersonalBranding online module with Work Ready Graduates

When you have a strong personal brand, you’re able to control what people say when you’re not in the room, showcase your skills and leave a lasting impression. It’s a key skill for the workplace, but one which will also benefit you at university. Bristol Women in Finance is partnering with Work Ready Graduates to provide another free #PersonalBranding course that will help you to define and develop your brand. The course is filled with bite-size, video rich content and features interactive quizzes. It is also CPD accredited, meaning you receive employer recognised certification upon completion!

Facebook and other leading graduate employers tell you what they look for when recruiting and how you can build a strong personal brand... To receive your FREE full-length #PersonalBranding module, visit and enter the voucher code: BRAND

***Thank you all for your committee applications so far! Applications close tomorrow 23rd April, so there is still some time to submit your short paragraph and send it to us to review. The AGM will take place on the 25th April at 6pm in the Queens Building, Room 1.58. Attendance is required for all applicants and all applicants must be paid members of the society.

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