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Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 25th of April at 6pm (location to be confirmed).

At this meeting we will vote for next year's committee members and give a brief summary of the societies progress this year.

We are now accepting nominations for the following committee positions:

  • President

  • Vice president

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Events coordinators (x2)

We urge anybody interested to contact us regardless of prior involvement or degree course. Speaking from experience this is a great opportunity and will allow to develop many skills deemed valuable by employers (within the financial arena particularly). Since the society is still in its first year, this is a great chance for you to make your mark!

If you wish to be considered for the above roles please submit a short bio (<200 words) which will be posted on our website. For more information on each role please contact:


If attendance at the AGM is less than that stated in the constitution, the current committee will withhold their right to vote and voting will be transferred to an online forum. Attendance at the AGM is required for all applicants, all applicants must be paid members of the society. ​​

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