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Committee 2022 / 23

Yana Iwanskyj.JPG
Yana Iwanskyj

BSc. Economics (2nd Year)
Eman Sajid_edited.jpg
Eman Sajid
Vice President &
Head of Sponsorship

BSc. Economics and Mathematics
(2nd Year)
Ella Lathan-Allen.jpeg
Ella Lathan-Allen

BSc. Accounting & Finance
(3rd Year)
Nur Izzah Batrisya.JPG
Nur Izzah Batrisya

BSc. Economics (2nd Year)
Emily Matthews.HEIC
Emily Matthews
Equality Officer & Head of Society Relations

MEng, Civil Engineering (4th Year)
Emily Charalambous.jpg
Asha Mistry-Magin.jpg
Asha Mistry-Magin
Head of Outreach
BSc. Economics (2nd Year)
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